THE COVID PHASE NIGHTMARES

The sudden change in our lifestyle with the birth of evil corona has no doubt pushed us to cope up with the new normal. But how normal is the new normal? Do I really find this new normal to be normal? Many may have been compelled to accept this normalcy, whereas I still have nightmares thinking to welcome this new style of living. Locked still inside, I fear to welcome this new normalcy with unending uncertainties ahead.

I would like to be flagrant here to confess being a motivational figure to many that I am hit by frequent nightmares threatened by this evil stranger in our land. My words may not sound to be motivating today, but accepting the defeat sometimes also gives us a new energy to fight. I don’t have to sleep to view the blues affecting me. These nightmares hit me without giving any hint whenever I try to sit in silence. I see an uncertain future stuck inside a labyrinth struggling to find my way out. I fear if I would be able to continue my profession freely without any hazards. I fear if I would be able to resume my travels and tours even though the public commute system would resume with the new normal. I have nightmares of witnessing dead bodies all around. I see pained people trying to find their near ones. I wake up in the middle of the night to have a cup of coffee and work to catch new targets. I fear about tomorrow if at all there will be a tomorrow. I fear to sleep to keep myself away from the nightmares. Insecurities creep in and I wonder if a human will be able to come close to a human one day or will we turn to living deads!


One invisible enemy ruling the roost on this earth today compelling us to trim our wings and stay dominated has become the cause of various nightmares to many. Covid 19 indeed has ruined many lives. The fear I am sharing today must be the fear to many. However, we cannot let this fear rule us for long. Finding options is the only way. It is not that I am not trying to fight options to free my travel spirit, and I am blessed with many opportunities too. Yet, the nightmares won’t let me free till we come to a permanent solution and the solution itself is residing in the land of wonder and uncertainty.

Yes, the nightmares are pushing me to question,

“Will we be ever free to travel as we used to?”

“Will quarantine always be a part of our journey?”

“Will we ever be able to have fun the way we used to in a social gathering?”

“Will we be ever able to move out without masks torturing our face?”

“Will eating out and relishing street foods remain far from our desires?”

And, the biggest question which has become my nightmare is when I see my family and friends so far from me, “Will we meet?”

I do not see the new normal to be normal at all for me with restrictions imposed not by the law but by the fear of getting infected by the evil corona. I am waiting for a normal where we can live our life the way we used to, but with the realizations to keep nature unaffected and unwounded. Till then, I will keep fighting with my nightmares.

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