THE PRIDE OF BEING DIFFERENT carries the true story of a gentle boy who suffers severe child abuse during his childhood and resides inside a shell with the fear of opening up to the people. Failing to express his pain to his family, Rajeev keeps all his sufferings to himself. Things become grave when he realizes that he was different from the normal boys. He felt himself to be a girl caged inside a boy’s body. Very soon he comes to know that he is a gay and starts exploring his likes and desires. At a time when the same sex affair was not yet legalized and was considered to be a crime, Rajeev had to hide his real identity in fear of being isolated by the society. Rajeev falls in love with Rohan and waits for their union. Situations create barriers and Rajeev is detected with HIV positive. Will Rajeev win his love? Will he be able to live a normal life again? Will he be able to kill his fears and unveil his gender identity?

This true story is a learning lesson for the parents and an eye-opening chapter to the society.

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