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Author Mousumi

The Author of ‘The Pride of Being Different’, ‘Love Remains Undefined’ and ‘Making Impossible Possible’, and the Poet of ‘The Blend of the Real and Imagination’, Mousumi Kalita Sachdeva serves as Skill Development Trainer, an international poet, motivational speaker and Editor of Damick Publication. She is a ghost writer too and has contributed richly in writing many books. She is also the Co-Founder and an Expert Guide of LAABH, a non-profitable organization (Pune). She is presently serving as the content writer and editor at Beginup Research Intelligence Private limited. She is also serving as the Editor in Chief yoursnews.in a media portal.

She has done her Masters in English, Mass Communication & Journalism, B.Ed, IT, CISELT, and presently pursuing Masters in Psychology and practising NLP.

Honoured with Gujarat Sahitya academy and Motivational strips on the 74th Independence day of India

Honoured with Suryagaurav Rashtriya puraskar 2020 (National Award)

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Book Reviews

It's not every day that you read authors like Mousumi Sachdeva who has crafted and woven the tender emotions in her THE BLEND OF THE REAL AND IMAGINATION. Its a marvelous collection of numerous emotions we all experience differently at different stages of life. It is our experiences in real and in our imagination, n the form of love, passion, boldness defeating the stigmas of the society, pain, and poetry as a life. The poet presents the verses of various lengths with deep emotions as if it is our reality and we get carried to the land of Imagination.

The Blend of the Real and Imagination

Awsome inspiring true life based story of Vijay which brings the reality of the world in which we are living nowadays. Beautifully woven story by writer which truly provides every reader courage,passion and patience to fulfill dreams. Must read and keep inspire yourself. As the message is nobel which writer trying to convey through book : Spread the education and support and encourage slum and working kids to study and create the beautiful future as the character of Vijay created in the book.

Making Impossible Possible

Beautifully penned novel with layers of stories inside which keep readers glued from beginning to end. Unbelievable and incredible story but still everyone can connect their life to the story because of its closeness to reality and our lives. Well written love story with beautifully threaded with emotions of love,hope and unpredictable ending makes it stunning. Must read to take a roller coaster ride to your own life with your very own story. One of the finest work of writer and hope will enjoy other stunning work from writer in future.

Love remains undefined